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Thoughtful Friendships….An Open Letter!

This was sent to me from one of my milspouse sisters, I thought I would share it with you guys! This open letter shows the true power of military spouse friendships, and it is my pleasure to also have her on my platform under the inspiration tab! #THATS MY MILFRIEND!

It was 2012, I had been in Hawaii for a year. It was the first time we had been to a new duty station in 8 years! Usually I am a bubbly person, but it seemed like Hawaii was a struggle for me. Meeting the right trust worthy and loyal friend was hard to come by! I remember the day I laid eyes on Kiesha. It was a hot day out and spring sports had begun, it was the first day of flag football practice. All the families were out supporting their little ones. Personally, I was sad on the inside because my husband was deployed for the 4th time. It looked like all the other families had both parents with them there. I stood there alone with my sunglasses on watching and thinking to myself, I would just stay to myself because I had already been burnt by so many, so I was not open to any new friends. Practice was over, but this one family stood out me. Fast forward, by the middle of the 3rd practice Kiesha and I became friends. After the Ice was broken we are inseparable. Our friendship through the military turned into a sisterhood!

While, talking to Kiesha did I fail to mention that her husband was a higher rank then my husband. You may ask well why is that important? Simple as military spouses we know that a lot of us wear our husband rank! I am so thankful Kiesha never did this, because if they had I would never have a family I love dearly to this day! Let me hurry up with talking about the pride I have for my military spouse sister; this blog could go on forever! Jumping into our 6th year and I am closer to Kiesha than ever before. We were station at North Carolina then unto retirement, and during that time, and to this day I have not physically seen Kiesha’s family. But thank God for technology, because it has not allowed distance to break us like most people do when it’s move on! With all of that being said, with tons more I could have added. Kiesha is walking into her purpose by starting a page that connects military spouses, give advice, share personal experiences, with those who may be going through the same thing! That’s AMAZING! I look forward to sharing with you, under the inspiration tab and working alongside my milspouse sister.

Khyeese Davis-Bethea

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