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Mom Beauty

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Many of you may say what is mom beauty? Is it where you wake up and put on makeup? Is it where I must get dolled up to go through the school drop off line? Well…. to answer your question, mom beauty to me are none of the above! Now don’t get me wrong, Lord knows I love me some makeup, but I want to focus on something deeper than that. Mom beauty is the beauty each of us possess inside. It is the love, care, and compassion that we have for our family; along with the way the ones you care for look at you and see nothing but a caring/giving heart.

As a wife and mother, we give so much of ourselves to others until we have little for our self. My husband tells me how beautiful I am when I can’t see it for myself. Mainly when I am racing to get my coffee so I can function, or cooking dinner running on fumes at the end of the day. YOU moms know exactly what I am talking about! Ok now back to what I was saying! I feel like I no longer look like the women he fell in love with 12 years ago. The women that stands before him now has imperfections, birthed children, grown older, and does not look like the girls in the magazines. What society has categorized as perfect has gotten out of control, oh yeah don’t forget judgments too!

"Through the years as my body has changed I used to allow society and judgements to affect me. #OVER IT! "

As women when we look back over our life and we see old photos where we looked differently, and we can become discouraged. I will say this! Exactly how it was told to me from my husband, beauty is not what is on the exterior but what is on the inside. I know you all have heard this quote before, I get it but keep reading to see my point. I looked at him like yeah OK! He then proceeds to tell me beauty is the ability to grow with someone, stay through the ups and downs, encourage, be your mate’s biggest cheerleader, ability to give life, and love others before yourself.

It wasn’t until then I realized that I did not have to walk around with makeup on every day. NOW I must say this before I proceed, I still refuse to go certain places and I am not put together. LOL Seriously, I now know makeup is not a requirement for my husband to think I am beautiful. In my opinion makeup is just an enhancement to the beauty each of us already have inside us. It is my hope for each of you to embrace each wrinkle, stretch mark, thin hair, extra weight, and anything else we may deem an imperfection. I can stand tall and honestly say that I LOVE me, and I am incredible.

Live Free, Laugh Often, & Be Incredible


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