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That Girl!

Coming from a veteran into the role of military spouse was very challenging for me. I had to go from wearing the uniform, to be the grounded support system in the marriage. This was something that HIT me hard….. Heck I crashed and burned in this area. I went from doing human resources work for soldiers and military spouses, to now being one. I remember seeing some of the spouses during our military events. WELL…. Guess what? Now I’m that girl!

Switching over from being in the uniform, to just being the spouse was a completely different world. I went from doing all that military stuff, to being the wife of a soldier. When I used to tell everyone when I went to see my husband that I used to be in the military, they would look at me like OK, Who Cares! When I would try to go out and meet other military spouses, they seemed to look at me differently because I wore the uniform. To be honest I was a fish out of water, or my mind could have been playing tricks on me. Hey you never know!.....During my transition I found myself upset at my husband just for going to work! NOW, let me remind you when it came time for me to reenlist I told them to kick rocks. But of course, in my head I thought it my husband’s fault. “Even though it wasn’t” (I will deny it if you tell him), the truth is I choose to get out to give my children a solid foundation.

The transition was not an easy one. Breaking up with the military was very hard for me because I felt like I did not depart on my own terms. What that means is between me and my husband the best option was for me to get out as the mother. I was just walking through life trying to adjust into my new role of being the spouse instead of the soldier. For all my spouses out there, who find themselves having a hard time dealing with transition, it’s normal. Allow yourself time to adjust and place the judgments of others to the side. Because “It Doesn’t Matter”. I was that Girl who thought the military defined who I am as a woman. People thought I was plum crazy for leaving, but I knew my season in the military was complete.

NOW….I am that girl who is an amazing mother, living life to the fullest, and a seasoned military spouse #Shedidthat! YUP! ME! That girl!

I say this to you know matter where you are in life, understand YOU define who you are. No job, position, or title can define who you are. You are Incredible at any phase of your life, being incredible is about how you rise and overcome obstacles. I would love to hear if any of you guys had to overcome any obstacles or transitions in life. Leave you thoughts in the comments, I would love to chat with you!

Remember to Live free, Laugh often, & Be Incredible!


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